How to Change Twitch Badges

Twitch is the best platform for gaming and streaming that allows you to broadcast with the help of thousands of tools and in-built games. Other than that, your rank starts increasing when you get massive subscribers on your stream. So are you ranking the streaming league and looking for a way to thank your subscribers. Well, let me tell you that there is a source where you can reward your honorable viewers for subscribing to your channels; it’s badges.

Hence, do you know what twitch badges are and how you can thank your viewers? If not, then let me tell you that I have got everything covered in this article. With these comprehensive details, you will know everything about the badges.

So, let’s dig in then.

What Are Badges?

Twitch chat badges are star-shaped and placed near the subscriber’s name whenever they subscribe to any channel. Basically, it’s a way through which streamers thank them. With these badges, the subscribers can get fame and many other benefits on twitch.

How to Change Twitch Badges?

Now that you know what twitch badge is, it’s time to manage them now. But how can you do that, and why is it important? You need to arrange them so that you can reward them to the dedicated and deserving subscribers only.

Hence, below are the ways through which you can easily manage them on twitch. All you have to do is follow these threads:

  • Head to your “twitch” account and search for “affiliate/partner “settings.
  • Tap the “subscription” section and press on “loyalty badges.”
  • “Upload icon” and choose three identical images for your badge.
  • After that, “save” the changes.

Customizing the Badges

Do you want to customize your badges on your own? Well, let me tell you that you can do this, but these are some conditions to do this procedure. Twitch has its “twitch subscribers badge” guidelines that you need to meet while designing the badge.

Hence, below are those rules:

  • There should be no nudity or vulgar content on the badge.
  • Do not illustrate drugs.
  • No offense or hate speeches on badges.
  • No explicit gestures or images.
  • Never use a single word.
  • Follow the privacy rights
  • Do not copy.

How to Remove the Twitch Badge?

There are multiple reasons where streamers decide to remove the badge from the chats. Are you among those who are facing any issues after displaying badges? Well, let me tell you that you can remove them immediately to secure your reputation.

All you have to do is to follow the steps discussed below.

  • Choose the gear icon at the bottom of the chat pane next to chat by joining a twitch stream.
  • Choose “edit username” and “customizable badges” in the new window.
  • After that, select “hide your prime twitch badge.”

What Is The Number One Badge On The Twitch?

The founder badge is the rarest and number badge on the twitch among all the badges. This badge is only available to certain people. Mostly, the first 10 or 25 paid prime subscribers are offered these badges. They remain displayed next to their chat only when they are current users.

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Name of Twitch Badges

Now you have gathered a lot of information about the twitch badges, but did you have any idea of the most famous badges? If not here, I have displayed a list of badges in this section. With this catalog, you can also decide which chat badge you want to reward your streamer.

  • White spanner on a black background this badge is for staff.
  • A white diamond with a lilac background for VIP.
  • The white sword in green background is used for channel or chat moderators.
  • White tick with purple background is used for users who are verified
  • Gold star with a white shield for admins of twitch.
  • White crown on a light blue background for the Twitch Prime user.
  • A white battery on a nice purple background for Turbo users.
  • White ax with green background for the global moderators.
  • A white camera on a red background is used for the streamers.

Final Thoughts

Badges are another way to thank your streamers, but they need maintenance too. Hence, if you manage them you will be able to reward them to the deserving subscribers. Therefore, above, I have listed some of the best badges that you can even customize under twitch rules.

So, give a thanking gift to your subscribers and let yourself rank in the twitch league.

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