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For many days it has been heard that twitch has got some hacking threats that affect the quality of streaming. There are chances that they will steal all the information of their users. So, if you are among one of those users, you need to be active right now. It’s because twitch has suggested its consumers reset their passwords, as twitch is taking decisive action for that.

Therefore, altering the password is the right option for you, too, no matter what your rank is as a streamer. Your personal details are much more important than any other thing. But wait! Do you have any idea how to reset the twitch password? As there are chances that twitch has launched new settings for the security of the streamers.
So, if you are unaware of those settings and don’t know how to change your password, don’t panic. I’ve got your back. Today as a guide, I have covered all the vital details about the twitch password settings. With this ultimate catalog, you will be able to recreate your password in just a few clicks.

So, let’s get this done right now!

How to change the twitch password?

Sometimes twitch users find this process daunting; looking at this situation, I have listed the most manageable steps. With these strands, you will be able to reset your password in just a few minutes. Below are those steps:

  • Open “twitch app,” “login,” and go to “settings.”
  • Go to “security and privacy.”
  • Choose “password,” tap on “change password,” and type your new password.”
  • Once done, “confirm” it.
  • Now your password is changed, and your account is secured.

How to set two-factor verification?

Two-factor verification is basically an extra step while setting the password. It acts as a second security layer that re-confirms the identity of the users. The best thing about this verification is that it makes the hacking daunting and streamer’s life easy and secure.
So, do you have any idea how to set two-factor verification in just a few taps? Well, if not, then let me tell you that I have listed the comprehensive and straightforward steps that will guide you through setting it in a few seconds.

Here are those threads that you need to follow:

  • Open your “twitch app” and “login.”
  • Go to the “security” section and tap on “two-factor verification.”
  • Click on “2FA.”
  • Type your phone number, and you will get a seven digits code.
  • Enter the code and “confirm” to set two-factor verification.

How to change twitch email?

Sometimes when you don’t change your email id, someone will enter your login and receive “forget email.” Through this, they will be easily able to hack your account. Therefore, when you reset your password on twitch, it is necessary to change the email id. It will secure your account from these kinds of spam.

So, if you are among those who don’t have any idea how to make this process simple, I’ve listed some strands below. These are the most straightforward steps to do this procedure because many other streamers spend hours doing this process.

So, let’s do this process in a few clicks.

  • Head to your “twitch” account, tap on the “profile icon.”
  • Scroll down and go to “settings.”
  • Open the “security and privacy “section.
  • Under the “contact,” click on the “pencil” icon and enter your Email.
  • After that, “confirm” it and enter your new password.
  • Once it’s clear, “save.”

How to Recover Lost Twitch Passwords?

Now you changed your password, used it sometimes, and for some reason, you forgot that password. Resetting again will require a lot of effort so, is there any way to get the password back? Definitely, there is always a cure to something. Hence, twitch has offered this feature to streamers where they can gain these lost passwords.

Below are the threads you need to follow to get your password back.

  • Go to the “twitch” homepage and “login.”
  • Under the password box, tap on “trouble logging in?”
  • Add email address and “continue.”
  • “Add” you “username” and fill the “CAPTCHA” test.
  • After that “reset password” email will be sent to you. Add your new password and “confirm” it.

Tip for choosing a strong password

Here is something vital for you to know. Setting something familiar again in your password will be a massive drawback for you. Therefore, many expert streamers advise opting for a complex yet memorable password.

Hence, I have shared some tips to make a dependable and robust password.

  • Use a mixture of upper and lower case
  • Use hyphens
  • Consider a mix of alphabets and numbers
  • Do not use a common word
  • Opt or symbols
  • Use at least eight or more than these characters
  • Make sure you do not add any of your personal information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When you reset your password, you will receive a reset email that will last for 20 minutes. After that, it will be removed automatically.

If your Email is not approving your password, then there are chances that you have entered the wrong ID.


A password is like a lock or a shield that secures your account from spam or hackers. Since twitch users are often getting threads of hacking, resetting passwords is the best possible option. Above are the comprehensive steps that will guide you through setting your password along with the two-factor verification for your protection.

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