How To Donate To Someone On The Twitch?

Donating to someone on Twitch can be beneficial to show appreciation or help them with their stream goals. Have you ever wanted to donate to someone on Twitch? Maybe you have wanted to donate to the streamer, but you didn’t know how or where to do it? In this article, I will tell you how and where exactly you can donate to the streamer. You will be able to donate directly from your Twitch page without even leaving the page. Donating money is not just going to help the person get better at what they do. It can also motivate them as well as reward them with your generosity.

First, you need to find someone you want to donate to

A good starting point is using a twitch directory. If you want to donate for someone with the regular stream. You can find it by searching his name on the Twitch homepage. If there’s no directory of donors, then look at their donation history and go from there! To donate, navigate to your account and hit Subscriptions in the top-right corner. You will see all channels you are currently subscribed to (provided they have an active subscription) listed under Active Subscriptions. From here, select which channel you would like to donate to and donate as much or as little as you’d like to via PayPal or Amazon Pay. Once a month, Twitch distributes these donations directly to each broadcaster’s PayPal accounts or bank accounts if you use Amazon Pay.

Click on their name

The next step is to click on their name and direct you to their page. After that, click on Donate, and it will direct you to a new page with two buttons: Subscribe or Gift. Click on either one depending on if you want to subscribe or donate and enter how much money you want to donate. You can also choose what type of currency (dollar, pound, etc.) you want to donate from there. After clicking where you want your donation to go, a pop-up window will appear to type in your email and create an account. After creating an account, confirm your email address by entering it again into another box. Then click proceed at the bottom right corner of your screen after typing all of that information correctly.

If they have a Patreon page go there

If they have a Twitch Patreon page. Go to their Patreon page and click become a patron or whatever it says. Fill out your information, but you should have access to your donation instantly if all goes right. If not, don’t worry! You can also donate through Paypal on their website. Once on Paypal, follow the steps as with any other donation. Type in how much you would like to donate, then hit send. They will receive it instantly once confirmed!

Follow the instructions given there

Click on Support your favorite broadcasters under the game you are currently viewing. Under Donation notification, select Yes. Please notify my favorite broadcaster and fill in a message. They will send your donation as soon as you click Ok. By default, donations are made for $1. However, there is a sliding scale to customize your amount from $0.50 to $5. If you want to add a transaction, click Add Another Transaction under Transaction Options. Once all of your information has been added. Click Confirm Donation to complete your payment and send it on its way!

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Pick your way of donating

The last step is to pick your way of donating. There are a few different ways to donate. One method is for a streamer to link to their donation page. Viewers can also choose to send directly from their Paypal account, in which case they will enter how much they would like to donate and what streamer’s name they want it directed towards. However, if you are not watching a specific streamer’s channel, you have no idea what channel you should direct your donation. Thus making it harder for your money to reach its intended target.

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