How to Make a Team on Twitch?

Creating a Team on Twitch isn’t that difficult but does require Twitch Partner status. The Twitch Partner status is granted to you if you have been streaming for a while, have a good following, and have been following the guidelines of the Twitch community, you will be eligible for the partner status.

Twitch partner status enables you to a variety of prioritized features including priority support that gets you answers to your queries in 1-2 business days.

Hence, once you have become an experienced streamer, you will have the chance to avail of partner status that will allow you to create your team.

Now, creating your team on Twitch is an important decision and first, you must acquire all the knowledge you can about it.

Join Other Teams

If you have been living the life of a solo streamer, you might want to join a few teams before creating one. Joining the teams will give you insight into the way teams operate and the benefits of having a Twitch Team.

Twitch teams allow you to grow as a streamer while making reliable connections with your teammates. The growth will not be rapid but much more streamlined and enjoyable.

Moreover, you will also get to know about different types of teams. You will be able to make connections that might help you in your team in the future. To join a Twitch Team you must have an invitation.

Why You Need to Create a Team on Twitch

There are already numerous teams available on Twitch. You also have the option to join multiple teams at once, but it’s not recommended to join a large number of teams.

If you join a team on Twitch, you become a part of a community and you need to give to receive. You need to contribute your part, and the community will be able to grow as a whole, and so will you.

Hence, if you have joined multiple teams, you won’t be able to keep up. Don’t just join to receive, but also to give.

However, if you feel like your content is unique enough to create its genre, and you can’t seem to belong in any community, or you feel like you can act as a role model for other content creators in your unique genre, then you should create your team.

Types of Teams on Twitch

Twitch is a fast-growing streaming platform that has a large number of streamers and worldwide viewership. The teams on Twitch are also large in number and vast in variety. They can be generally characterized into the following:

  1. Enormous Teams: These teams let everyone in. They have shared the invitation on other platforms and anyone can join. Such teams only have multiple people many of whom don’t even interact with one another.
  2. Large Teams: These teams contain near to 100 people who share some common interests. The content has variety and the team might include random people. It won’t be possible for all to interact with one another but the team still provides some growth opportunities.
  3. Content-Specific Teams: These teams have lesser members focusing on a specific genre. These teams provide the most growth opportunities as you enter by providing a specific contribution that the team was lacking without you. You will interact with multiple people and create reliable connections here.
  4. Friends and Community Teams: These teams can include people from your community, class, and friend circle. The content has a lot of variety and there are random people. It also provides some growth opportunities.
  5. Sponsored Teams: These teams are reserved for people who are sponsored by specific companies or brands. These are high revenue-generating teams.

Creating a Team on Twitch

If you have Twitch Partner status, then you are eligible for creating your Twitch Team. All you need to do is to open a support ticket by requesting the Twitch community and you are all set.

Log in to your partner account and go to the support page to open a support ticket. Then you will need to fill in a couple of details like create a URL, create a team name, etc. and it’s done.

One thing to remember is that the URL once created cannot be changed. So, give it a profound thought before finalizing it.

Once you have filled in the details, the Twitch community will review the information. That is all, you are the owner of a Twitch team now.

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Setting Up Your Team Page

Once your info has been approved by Twitch, you will move to the next step, which is setting up your page.

This step includes creating artwork, adding descriptions, and designing your page. This will show how your page will look to viewers.

Once you have set up your page, it is all ready for the team.

Inviting Members to Your Team

Although you need Twitch status to create a team, anyone can join it if they have received an invite. People may ask for invites through your discord channels or social media accounts.

You must be a pro-streamer, have reliable connections, and have a strong social media presence to make a popular and growing team.

Once the team is created, you must act as a responsible leader who leads by example. Don’t keep the rules too strict or restricting. Respect others in the community and help them achieve their goals also. This will provide every streamer a chance to grow.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you make a team on Twitch?

Creating a team on Twitch allows you to grow as a streamer. You can have your community that will produce creative content. You will have the opportunity to act as a role model and show leadership qualities.

Can anyone create a Team on Twitch?

No, you can’t just create a team in the beginning. To create a team, you need to have Twitch partner status. You can acquire Twitch partner status after spending some time on the platform and streaming regularly.

Can you join more than one team?

Yes, you can join multiple teams at the same time. However, it is not recommended to join many teams at once. You need to contribute to each channel that you have joined and you won’t be able to do that if you have joined too many teams.

Some Last Words:

If you want to create a team on Twitch, you must spend some time joining other teams and learning as much as you can. The knowledge will help you act as a better team leader. You must not make too strict rules in your team e.g. not letting participants join other teams, as that might make your team members feel too restricted.

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