How To Make Money on Pinterest?

Who would have thought that making money is that much easier? You might have a lot of bloggers and YouTubers on how to make money on Pinterest but you act skeptical and ignore the idea because you don’t think it is possible to make money through Pinterest.

In this blog post, we will show you how to earn money on Pinterest easily and simply. We will show you different ways of creating engaging content, monetizing your Pinterest account, and making money in several methods. Let’s get started!

Different Ways Of Making Money on Pinterest

The wait is over. Here are the different ways through which you can earn money on Pinterest.

  • Become an Affiliate Marketer.
  • Drive Customers To Your E-Store.
  • Partnership with Brands.
  • Adveertisment on Pinterest.
  • Manage Pinterest Account.

1: Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the best way for entrepreneurs, influencers, and marketers to earn passive money from Pinterest. Being an affiliate you will receive a commission every time someone purchases through your unique affiliate link.

Keep this in mind when creating the pins for promoting products consider that they are directly linked to your affiliate source whether it’s a blog or YouTube video. Pinterest encourages those pins that are directly linked to the product that you are promoting.

Try to write the SEO-optimized description under your pins and use the relative hashtags. Also, tag the topics that are aligned with your product. This can create more conversion rates and generate leads. To maximize your earnings make sure that you create engaging pins that can compel the viewers to click on your link.

2: Drive Customers To Your E-Store

You can use Pinterest as an external marketing plan for driving traffic to your website and converting the traffic into customers. Ranking your website through Google keywords can be tiring and time-consuming.

On the other hand ranking on Pinterest, keywords are simple and effective. The Pinterest keywords can be seen in bringing a wider range of audience which will increase the chances of turning them into your permanent customers.

Here are some tips that will help you increase your traffic to your website:

  1. Make use of Pinterest trends to find out which keywords are being searched by Pinterest users.
  2. Make more than one pin for every blog post that has a well-optimized title, description, and images that are related to your niche one way or another way.

3: Partnership With Brands

If you are thinking about starting your career as an influencer marketer then Pinterest can boost your career as an influencer. Brands are always looking for a wider range of audience to make to make them customers. Most content creators start working with brands and start making content for them which benefits the brands in reaching their brand to the wider audience.

If you have a high engagement rate and huge fan following on Pinterest you can start working with brands and can be their brand ambassador. You will create sponsored pins for the brands to promote their products and bring them sales from your fan following.

4: Advertisement on Pinterest

Advertising your top-notch product on Pinterest can increase the total revenue of your business. Sign up for a Pinterest business account and start advertising your product on Pinterest.

Advertising on Pinterest can emphasize your brand visibility and reach your product to a wider audience.

The results of advertising on Pinterest can be far more than measurable and widespread. There are different types of ads on Pinterest which are:

  1. Video Ads
  2. Promoted Ads
  3. Carousal Ads.

Video advertisements are an excellent way to showcase your product and build the brand image to bring higher traffic, generate more leads, and turn visitors into customers. The promoted advertisement works according to your desired audience and engagement level.

With promoted ads, you can hit the target audience, increase your brand awareness, and make the engagement level higher. The main benefit of Carousal ads is they allow the users to swipe the product and see another image. With Carousal ads you can advertise multiple products with multiple pins.

5: Account Management

If you have expertise in managing social media accounts, you can also use this skill to earn money from Pinterest. You can offer your services for managing the Pinterest account to people from different backgrounds. You can also offer the service for bloggers and other businesses to bring the audience, grow engagement, and generate leads.

Why Pinterest?

Pinterest is a popular social media app which makes it a great choice for both businesses and creators. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose Pinterest over any other social media app:

  • Engagement Ratio: Pinterest has a higher engagement ratio compared to other social media apps. Pinners interact with the products in which they are genuinely interested.
  • Easy To Use: Pinners frequently visit to get ideas from Pinterest on what to buy, where to buy, and how to buy for specific events which makes it a friendly user.
  • Targeted Audience: Pinterest allows the creators to hit the target audience based on their geographic location and their interests. This allows the creators and businesses to reach the target audience and increase their sales ratio.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which are the most profitable business models to make money on Pinterest?

Using Affiliate Marketing, offering services, managing Pinterest accounts, and selling products directly on Pinterest is the best profitable business model on Pinterest.

How can my Pinterest following grow?

You can grow your Pinterest account following by creating engaging content that will increase your followers on Pinterest. You can also grow your account by using relative hashtags that align with your brand and niche.

Is Pinterest the right affiliate marketing platform?

Pinterest is the best site for affiliate marketing and it is the go-to place for people who don’t have an idea how to decorate their room and what to buy. So they just start scrolling through Pinterest. You can also put your affiliate links in your pins to earn commission on each sale.

Is it possible to sell goods straight on Pinterest?

Yes, you can sell products directly on Pinterest by showcasing your products on the pins. Creating engaging pins and linking the link of your online store to your pins can increase the possibility of higher sales.


In conclusion, Pinterest offers a variety of opportunities to its users. You can earn money on Pinterest whether you choose to dive into affiliate marketing, drive traffic to your E-Store, be a brand ambassador or partner of brands and manage Pinterest accounts for others business can make you a handsome amount of money.

Pinterest has the vast majority of the features. You can also start earning passive money from Pinterest by making a business account, creating engaging pins, and growing your audience. Audience growth will enable you able to monetize your channel and start running ad campaigns on Pinterest.

So why not take benefits from this platform and start earning money from today?

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