How to Make Money with Twitch

Want to earn money online? What is easy to do? Does any platform offer online service? Questions over the questions, and the only answer is “Twitch.” It’s a streaming source founded in 2011 by Yale Graduates Justin Kan, Kevin Lin, and Emmett Shear. Since then, more than 4 million broadcasters and 17.5 million users have been playing, watching, and streaming on Twitch. Not just that, it’s the best way of earning.

According to estimates, many broadcasters earn almost seven figures per year because of subscription, sponsorship, ad revenue, and many more. These are all the sources through which you can also make money.

But how? It’s simply a pie. You have to know some details like the sources of earning, at what position you can earn and many more. So, without making you wait, let’s make money!

Types of Twitch Users

First thing first, making money depends on what kind of user you are and at what level you can perform to gain money. Therefore, knowing what different consumers are can help you efficiently. Following are the consumers of twitch.

  • Twitch Affiliates
  • Twitch partners
  • Everyday Twitch Users

Sources of Income for Twitch Streamers

There are four sources of income for twitch streamers. You can choose what kind of source you want to adopt by looking at the details given below.


The first and vital source of income is a subscription. There is a three-tier option in the subscription for customers.

  • Tier 1: $4.99 per month.
  • Tier 2: $9.99 per month.
  • Tier 3: $24.99 per month.

From these options, you can choose what suits you. Every time you get a subscription, you will have different features on the streamer’s channel. You need to know one thing about subscription; twitch takes a 50% cut from every subscription.


In this model, you can buy accessories, gift cards, and twitch-themed outwears. For fans, this is a fantastic platform. They deliver worldwide, and the appealing thing is that if you are in the US, you will get the first two deliveries free.


This depends on streamers as many streamers plug ads in the start of their pre-recorded videos. So, their income will be cost per mile and will get 1000 per view.

How to Make Money as a Twitch Streamer?

Now that you know what are the sources through which you can make money on twitch easily. But what to do on these platforms to get the most viewers and income. Here in this section, I will guide you on what you have to do in twitch.


There are three subscription levels: $4.99, $9.99, or $24.99. At first, you share 50% of your income with a twitch, but then as a broadcaster, you can earn money by leaps and bounds. You can earn it monthly.

Similarly, you are also allowed to join twitch’s partner program, where you can earn subscribers.

Before proceeding further, you can find out a way to get free followers on Twitch.

Bit Donations

Bits are a virtual currency used by viewers to cheer up their favorite streamer in the chat room. It is another best revenue source for gamers and broadcasters. Some animated emojis are called “bit gems” when you get any subscription; a twitch will pay you $0.01 per bit. Fascinating!

Paid Live Streaming

Once you are a member of any company, what you have to do is simple. Talk about their products or shows and use them while live streaming. As many buyers you will get, you will pay accordingly.

Affiliate Marketing

In affiliate marketing, the company will provide a product that you have to show to your viewers along with a code or coupon. The customers will use that code to get possible discounts. When you sell their product like hotcakes, you will wonder what they will pay you in return.

Highest Paid Twitch Streamers

In 2021 many streamers will be famous and a member of twitch. They all have followed those sources and are now touching the sky. Want to get motivation? See how much they are paid.

  • Ninja – 25 million
  • PewDiePie – 20 million
  • Shroud – 12 million
  • TimTheTatman – 8 million
  • Summit 1g – 7.5 million

How Much Money do you Make from Twitch as an Affiliate?

To have revenue as an affiliate, there are some conditions that you have to meet to be considered as an affiliate.

  • You must have 50 followers at least
  • Over the last 30 days, broadcast for 500 minutes
  • Broadcast on 7 unique days

Once you fulfill these requirements, you will be paid according to the source you opted for.

Estimated Earnings

To have a clear idea about income, see how much money can you make on twitch.  If you become a successful streamer, it is estimated that you will be able to earn $3000 to $5000 per month. 

Earning of Ninja
Ninja is now the top-ranking streamer of twitch for a reason. Here is how they are paid, if you want to have a clear idea about revenues.

  • Subscription – $3,955,571
  • Average Estimated YouTube Compensation – $36,000
  • Bit Donations – $316,354.92
  • Ad – $509,521
  • Average Sponsorship – $600,000

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s simple

  • Have as much as Twitch
  • Subscriptions.
  • Get Bits.
  • Receive Donations.
  • Play Video Ads of companies while streaming.
  • Accept Sponsorships.
  • Use Affiliate Links.
  • Sell Twitch Merchandise.

To make money on twitch, you need to have 300-500 viewers in your live streaming.

To rank in twitch and become a member in the beginning, you need to have at least 50 fans following.


Earning is not difficult if you know the sources and the procedure. Hence, considering twitch is the best possible way. The best thing is that you are paid monthly. So, there is no fear of getting broke every month. Jokes apart, knowing twitch better will make your income double. Therefore, remember the ways discussed above before making any decision.

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