How to Make Someone A Mod on Twitch

Undoubtedly, twitch is a worthy platform, but it can cost you and affect your reputation by a single wrong comment. While streaming, haters usually leave inappropriate comments on your posts that are disliked by gamers. Or sometimes, you want to have such a broadcast where you don’t want anyone to comment.

So, is there any source or option in twitch to make this smooth and hassle-free? Yes, twitch comes with the possibility of moderators or mods.

Mods are like borders. They protect your chat session from wrong comments and disallow other people. You can either do it on your whole live session or single person. It’s a sword shaped icon that also performs the function of a guard like its shape.

So, how to mod someone on twitch? Don’t baffle as there are many steps to do this process. Hence, looking at your easiness, I have gathered the simplest ways to do this process.

Before moving to the main topic, look at some essential details.

Why Make Someone a Mod on Twitch?

Twitch is a platform where you get the opportunity to connect yourself with other people. But what if this relation gets distorted with one single comment? It can affect your rating in the streaming and your number of followers. Hence, the mod is a safe end that prohibits such types of people. Once you update this feature in your chat box, no one will leave bad marks, and you will be safe and sound.

How to Mod on Twitch

First of all, moderating requires a person to act as a mod in the chat room. Once you decide that the user follows the successive steps to do this process efficiently.

  • In the chat room, add the user name in the “user name” box.
  • Send the message and press “enter” the person will be in a mod.

How to Mod Someone on Twitch through their Profile?

Moderating can be done from person profiles instead of allowing it. from chatbox. Just follow the process given below:

  • Press on the user’s name when he is in the stream chat.
  • Under the person’s profile, there will be a “plus” sign. Press that symbol, and he will be a mod.

How to Mod Someone on Twitch with Mouse Commands?

There are a number of ways to make someone a mod. Another way is done is by using the mouse command. This process is as simple and easy as the other steps discussed above. All you have to do is:

  • Start the streaming process by making sure the person you want to mod is there.
  • Press on the name 
  • Click on the “plus” sign of the person and be done.

How to Un-mod on Twitch?

In some cases, you are not happy with your mod’s duty; you can unmod it. The process might seem tricky to others, but it’s not. It’s hassle-free, so let’s see how you can unmod someone on twitch.

  • Type “unmod/ username” in the chat box and make sure the person is in the chat.
  • Once you write the correct username, a message “you have removed [username] as a moderator” will be shown to you.

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Can you have Multiple Mod?

Now that you have some idea about how-to mod and unmod someone. Here is the time you need to know how many mod you require, or can you have multiple mods? Well, yes, for the safety of your account, twitch experts suggest having more than one mod for better security and smooth performance.

Looking at the level of your channels, let’s see how many mods you require?

  • A small level of channel – 1 or 2 mod
  • Medium level channels – one mod for 200 viewers
  • Large channels – one mod for 600 viewers

How to Choose a Mod

Looking for a person that can perform multiple tasks and has excellent controlling power is quite difficult. Above all, seeking a reliable mod is difficult. Hence, here are some ways through which you can choose a mod efficiently.

  • Choose someone trustworthy, kind, helpful, and friendly.
  • Someone who is a team player and has excellent communication skills.
  • Consider someone who has a good reputation.
  • Seek a person who has maximum experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s simple, type “! add command, desired command name, then the text.” That command will be displayed.

  • In the channel, press on the “sword” icon
  • Press on the “pencil” under the chat
  • Enter the “title” you want to add, and done.

This process is the same as changing the title as a mod. Below are those threads:

  • In the channel, press on the “sword” icon
  • Press on the “pencil” below the chat.
  • Enter the “title” you want to add, and done.

The moderator or mod is responsible for removing spam and unethical messages from the chatbox. Doing this process, a mod ensures that there is no issue or error in the stream.


Protection is vital in any account, especially in your chatbox. It disallows haters to affect your reputation in the market. Same is the case with your twitch account. Hence, while streaming, a mod is there for your safety. There are several ways to select a reliable mod and operate in your account. So, a compatible and reliable moderator will be there to guard your image, just like its sword image.

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