How To Unhide Songs on Spotify?

Sometimes when scrolling through Spotify your favorite music is missing and you don’t know where it is gone. Encountering such a situation might cause rage, but don’t worry. We will show you how to unhide your favorite Spotify songs if mistakenly hidden. Spotify is considered the hub of live-streaming music.

Sometimes we want to listen to the specific music that brings back our old good memories with a night out with friends. When you dislike or block a specific artist or music it won’t pop up on your timeline again. To solve this issue we will show you how to unhide your favorite music or artist on Spotify.

How To Unhide Songs on Spotify:

You can always bring back your favorite music and artist once you change your mind after blocking or hiding them. You can follow these steps to unhide the songs on Spotify after changing your mind:

  1. Go to the Spotify app on your device
  2. Open the playlist where you have hidden the song.
  3. In the new menu choose the “Hidden”
  4. Spotify will immediately unhide your songs and you will be allowed to tap and play them.

How To Unhide Liked Songs on Spotify:

You can also unhide the liked songs on Spotify individually if you want to. Here are the steps to unhide the liked songs on the Spotify playlist:

  1. Sign in to your Spotify account.
  2. Find the album or playlist that has the songs that you want to unhide.
  3. Next to the song click on the ellipse icon(…).
  4. Click on the hidden to unhide the liked music

But if some song is bothering you, here is how you can hide it.

How To Hide Songs on Spotify:

Use the following instructions on your iPhone or Android in the Spotify app to hide the music from your playlist when you are enjoying the music:

  1. Open the Spotify app or browser on your phone or PC.
  2. Start looking for the music you want to hide.
  3. Click on the three dots next to the music you want to hide.
  4. A new menu will appear after clicking on the three dots.
  5. Scroll to the bottom and click on “Hide this music”.
  6. Spotify will immediately hide the music from your playlist.

Why Would You Hide Songs on Spotify:

Sometimes there are songs out there that you have listened to so many times and got bored listening to on a loop. Sometimes you hide the songs to prevent them from appearing on your timeline. After hiding them Spotify will allow you to customize your listening experience better and make it according to your mood.

Hiding songs helps you clean up your playlist and feed if you don’t feel like listening or enjoying the music. Hiding songs from your timeline helps you focus on making a playlist of your favorite music that you enjoy listening to.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I unhide the song on Spotify?

To unhide the song on Spotify simply follow our guidelines on how to unhide the song on Spotify from different sources and places.

Can the hidden song affect my recommendations on Spotify?

No hiding songs on Spotify won’t affect your recommendation on Spotify. The Spotify algorithm uses various factors to recommend songs based on your listening history and songs you liked.

Can other users see which song I am hiding on Spotify?

The other users can’t see what songs are you hiding because they are private and only visible to the owner of the account. The other users won’t have access to your hidden songs and playlist until and unless you allow them to see what you are hiding.

Can I hide songs from the library without removing them?

You can hide the songs from your library or playlist without removing them. This allows you to keep a track record of the songs you listen to. You still have access to the hidden songs anytime if you ever change your mind to unhide them.


In conclusion, managing your Spotify playlist can effectively enhance your listening experience. Discovering how to hide and unhide the songs on Spotify can increase the customization of your timeline, and increase the chances of manually customizing your playlist and feed.

In this way, you can gain more access to your favorite music and the work of your favorite artists. Spotify offers a simple solution whether you want to clean up your playlist or hide the songs from your playlist. Follow our easy-to-understand and simple steps to hide and unhide the songs from your playlist.

Happy Listening!

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