Who Has The Most Subscribers On YouTube?

If you are a social media user, then it is sure that you know about YouTube and its popularity. According to research by Google, YouTube comes the second-highest social media platform around the globe. There are more than 2.2 billion people that are using this social media application. Whether we talk about the educational purposes or discuss the entertainment elements of this platform. Its content is versatile. It is estimated that every minute, a new content creator uploaded their content on this platform. Aren’t you curious about who has the most subscribers on YouTube as it is the second-highest-used platform around the world? Indeed it is the thing to be curious about!
To get the answer to this question, there is a deep search required. In this article, we will discuss all this matter. So, let us find out who is at the top of the list in the race for YouTube subscribers!

Who Has the Most Subscribers on YouTube?

In today’s scenario, your followers and subscribers are your identities. With the massive amount of subscribers, you become an influencer as you also get verified by the platform. In this section of our discussion, we will talk about who has the highest influence in the world on YouTube. So, let us start to make everything easy for us to understand.


Talking about the highest number of subscribers on YouTube channels, Indian music and film production company T-Series has the highest number of subscribers on YouTube. According to YouTube analytics, the T-series channel was made in 2006 and it took 145,872 hours to get the highest subscriber count around the world.
There are more than 228 million subscribers around the world who watch this channel and love it. We can say that this channel is the answer to the question of who has the most subscribers on YouTube. This channel primarily uploads Bollywood songs at the beginning. But now, Bollywood movie trailers, songs, and other types of entertainment content are also uploaded on this channel. In addition, educational content related to the film industry is also uploaded on this channel. t series subscribers

Cocomelon- Nursery Rhymes:

The second highest channel that has an immense amount of subscribers is Nursery Rhymes. This channel is popular among families that watch Nursery Rhymes with their kids produced by Cocomelon. Furthermore, this channel was established on the 2nd of September in 2006 and till now, it succeeded to achieve the milestone of 145 million subscribers all around the world. Whether we talk about baby songs or rhyming poems, you can enjoy many kinds of soft content on this channel with your family. cocomelon subscribers

SET India:

When we come to talk about the third highest subscriber holder YouTube channel, SET India comes on the go. It is an entertainment channel of Sony Officials which is also an entertainment channel in India. This channel was established on the 21st of September in 2006 and yet, it also succeed to get 144M active subscribers on their channel. On the other hand, when we talk about the type of content, the prior type is entertainment. There are many popular series of entertainment shows and also reality shows on the SET India channel. From the KBC to India’s Got Talent and Indian Idol are the famous reality shows of this channel.set india subscribers


Talking about the most exciting and challenging videos and shorts on youtube, MrBeast comes at the top of its kind. MrBeast channel is owned by an American YouTuber Jimmy Donaldson. This channel was established in 2012 and gained popularity with 108 million subscribers around the world. Most of the videos on this channel are based on challenges, stunts, and charity shows.mr beast subscribers

Kids Diana Show:

Who thought that a young girl named Diana age 7 years made videos and gets the popularity that placed her in the sixth spot among top YouTube subscribers? Well, it is now a reality! The kids Diana show is the most popular YouTube channel that is owned by a kid girl and her brother Roma who has its YouTube channel with the name of kids Roma show. Both channels’ content is based on the daily youngster’s activities. Moreover, this channel is also available in multiple other languages than English. This channel was created in 2014 and in just 8 years of spam, successfully got 102 million subscribers on YouTube.kids diana show subscribers

Like Nastya:

When we come to talk about the young YouTubers who get exceptional success, Like Nastya comes to the top of the list. The answer to the question of who has the most subscribers on YouTube is not so easy as there are so many of them to examine and Nastya comes to sixth place in that list. This channel was established on the 26th of December 2016 and now, has more than 101 million subscribers. Nastya plays different kinds of games, visit public parks, and makes videos of daily life activities with her parents. Her parents were able to leave Russia and start to live in Miami Florida after her popularity.like nastya subscribers


WWE is the largest channel on YouTube that is based on wrestling-related content. World wrestling entertainment channel has more than 91.8 million subscribers on YouTube and this number is increasing every day. From live wrestling to interviews with famous wrestlers, there are multi-dimensional content is uploaded on this platform.wwe subscribers

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The above seven YouTube channels get successfully achieved the top place on YouTube with the largest competition ratio. They successfully manage to grab the attention of most people around the world. With the increasing numbers of followers, subscribers, and viewers on their videos, these YouTubers are managing to get the top ranking on YouTube. From the above discussion, it is clear that people are liking these social media platforms and support their favorite content creators. Now, we can answer the question of who has the most subscribers on YouTube in 2022 and can make things easy for us to understand as we have listed all the information above.

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