How to do Giveaways on Twitch?

Doing “Giveaways” on Twitch is much easier than you might think. You don’t need to have a high budget or lots of money to create a giveaway, you can do it by simply being creative.

Creating a Giveaway and managing it is easier because of the platform. You can create it from the “Menu” option with a few simple clicks that are straightforward, however, correctly managing the Giveaway is the real task.

Giveaways can include anything from physical items to in-game items. You can also simply offer to play with your streamers or offer them a spot in your discord.

However, only Giveaways won’t be enough to increase your number of subs and followers. You have to have creative and engaging content on your stream. Giveaways will attract followers but if your content isn’t enough to hook them, they will leave as soon as the giveaway is over.

One thing you must keep in mind is that the entry to giveaway must always be free and you must keep giveaways fair. You shouldn’t make a “Giveaway” sub only because that might portray you as a sub greedy streamer.

If you are planning to create a paid-entry-giveaway, you must know that these aren’t called giveaways but lotteries and fall under different regulations than free giveaways.

Things to Consider When Creating a Giveaway

Including random items in your giveaways might not yield the results that you are expecting. It doesn’t matter how expensive the item is, if it’s not relevant to your audience, they might show no interest in it.

Hence, if you want to grow as a streamer and gain a wider following and sub, you must take the following things into account when creating a giveaway.

  • You must know your audience. You can learn about their interests by creating polls on social media or discord servers and then offer them giveaways they really crave.
  • You can promote your content through giveaways. You can add custom-made items in your giveaways that will not only attract followers but also retain them after the giveaway is over.
  • Your giveaways must be creative and engaging, not expensive. Start small and built toward success step by step. Once you have created an engaging stream and built an influential social media presence, you will be able to earn more from your stream and include better items in your giveaways.

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What Can You Include in a Giveaway?

There are a lot of items that you can include in your giveaways. It can be anything from some special T-shirt to your gaming accessories. Following are some of the most popular choices to include in a giveaway.

1. In-Game Currency and Items

These are the most popular choices when it comes to game streaming. Passionate gamers are always looking for new skins and in-game currency bonuses when following a stream. These giveaways can help you get a number of followers that can turn into long-term followers.

The best part about this giveaway is that you needn’t spend money on it always. If you are streaming on twitch, then you are a pro-gamer and you can earn many skins by entering and winning in tournaments. Hence, you can include these items in giveaways to gain a wider following.

2. Special and Limited Apparels:

Most people in the world wouldn’t turn down anything free even if only adds to heaps of gaming apparel they already have. Creating custom-made apparel for your followers’ favorite games and putting them in a giveaway will show that you care about your followers.

3. Games

You can also include games in your giveaways. Newly released games might attract lots of followers. If you are worried about budget, you can buy games in sales on Steam.

4. Discord Perks

You can also give special titles and perks of discord in giveaways. This will keep your audience engaged and make them feel appreciated by you. Discord perks are the best way to retain your followers and gain their loyalty.

5. Play with Your Fans

You can also offer to play with your fans as a giveaway reward. Playing with your fans will show them that you appreciate them, and it will give them a chance to learn from you. Passionate gamers love to play with the owner of streams they get inspiration from.

There are also a number of other items that you can include in your giveaways. No matter what the item or concept is, if you can think of it and you think it will interest your audience and engage them, you can include it in the giveaway.

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Sponsors and Expensive Giveaways

Once your stream gains a number of followers and you have created a strong presence on social media, you will be able to attract some sponsors to your stream. These sponsors can vary from gaming accessories manufacturers to other advertisers.

Sponsors will allow you to earn more from your streams and hence you will be able to generate a larger budget for your giveaways.

Hence, then you will be able to include newly released games, gaming consoles, and gaming accessories like headsets, mice, keyboards, etc. in your giveaways. These giveaways will attract a far larger audience.

How to Manage Your Giveaways?

Managing your giveaways is also an easy task. There are several bots available that can manage your giveaways easily on twitch. However, one thing that you must keep in mind is that always keep your giveaways fair.

It is good to give higher chances to your subs but giving them too much higher chance will make the giveaway unfair for other followers. Similarly, giving them a too much lower chance might make your subs feel underappreciated.

Hence, you should give your subs a 20-25% higher chance in draws. In this way, you can show them the appreciation they deserve while also keeping good terms with your followers.

You can also choose to give higher chances to your long-term followers. This will help you retain followers. Otherwise, followers might leave as soon as the giveaway is ended.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes, they are. Giveaways bring followers to kickstart your stream. They can help you get more subs. They keep your followers engaged and appreciated. Moreover, they also help you retain followers.

You can include anything you want in a giveaway. However, we recommend that you must first get to know your audience and their interests. In that way, your giveaways might be able to engage them more.

Yes, discord perks keep your audience engaged. By giving them a title in discord and allowing them to manage some of the things, they will feel appreciated and become your loyal followers.

Some Last Words

Although Giveaways on Twitch attract followers, they can’t always retain them. Money is not the way to success on streams. Viewers on stream love creative content and your creative ability will be the one to hook them to your stream. Creative giveaways are better than expensive ones.

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