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It’s not a secret anymore that twitch is the best and reputable brand in the streaming market. Twitch has won millions of hearts, providing thousands of features to the streamers. According to estimates, almost millions of users utilize this platform to earn money and entertain their fans.

You might be among those passionate streamers that are working on this platform and burning the midnight oil to gain fame. But have you ever wondered about twitch’s establishment and its prestigious owners? Well, let me tell you that the best and responsible controllers are handling this fantastic platform.

You might be thinking why it is essential to know about the owners? It is necessary because when a streamer is ranked as a prime member or receives any sponsorship, they need to know about the authorities. In case of any misshape, you can contact them to help you in different circumstances. Therefore, here I am with the glorious history of twitch. Through this, you will know about every bit of twitch.

So, let’s rewind history.

When Did Twitch Start?

Twitch was founded by Justin Kan and Emmet Shear in 2007. At first, Kan was the single streamer that used twitch to broadcast his life and name it “lifecasting.” Later in 2011, this website was spread into categories, and a dedicated team started controlling this site. They called it TwitchTV, which Amazon altered in 2014 when they took over this site for 970 million users.

Founder and Staff of Twitch

The most fantastic platform founders are Justin Kan, Michael Seibel, Kyle Vogt, Kevin Lin, and Emmett Shear. Under them, the dedicated staff, including Sara Clemens, Erin Wayne, chief operating officer, and community & creator marketing manager, is working. Undoubtedly, passionate staff members are working by leaps and bounds to take twitch to the next level of gaming.

How Old Is Twitch?

Being the best streaming source, it is seen that twitch has been ruling the streaming world for more than 15 years. Millions of users work on this site and earn money by leaps and bounds.

The best thing is that since its launch the twitch has provided thousands of loot, tools, and features to make things less daunting for streamers.

Where Is the Headquarter Of Twitch?

Being a reputable platform of gaming and streaming, twitch founders have considered the most famous and beautiful place to make their headquarters. Working and marinating differently from San Francisco, California, this company has spread its services globally. These serves allow the streamers to create exciting and valuable content to amuse their fans.

We can say that twitch is an open-heart platform that is ready to welcome every motivated gamer to be a part of their twitch family.

How Much Is Twitch Worth?

What do you think being the most famous streaming platform, how much twitch will cost? Well, looking at its fame and users, anyone can count its worth in numbers. But, according to Laura Martin, the Needham analyst, the whole media assets, including prime videos, music, and streaming are worth almost $50 billion. It means the value of twitch is $15 billion.

What Is The Source Of Earning Of Twitch?

Twitch is the best platform offering thousands of tools and in-game features to the gamers that indeed determine that streaming and gaming is the way of twitch. But wait! There is more than this twitch also makes money through bit sales, subscriptions, advertising revenue, and affiliate marketing.

So, it’s good news for beginners that other than gaming broadcasting, they can now earn money through these sources. The best thing is that they are user-friendly and magnificently paid platforms.

How Many People Use Twitch?

Another main reason for twitch to be a famous platform is its millions of users. According to the estimate, the overall viewers of twitch are almost 140 million monthly. But do you know how massive twitch has viewers in a single day? Well, let me tell you that this will blow your mind that twitch has 15 million active users in a single day.

So, let’s increase its number and allow others to join the most entertaining platform.

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How to Check Twitch Revenue?

Last but not least, let’s talk about your revenue and how you can check it? So, if you are among those streamers working and earning money day and night but don’t know how to check your payout history. I would say that immediately head to your twitch account and follow the strands discussed below.

  • Go to “channel analyst.”
  • Under revenue breakdown, tap on “view payout history.”
  • Download the file, and you will have the detailed revenue history.


Knowing about the most amazing platform is what many streamers desire. Therefore, fulfilling their wish, I have shared the detailed catalog of the “twitch.” Its history is evidence that since its launch, the dedicated CEO has paid heed for the ease and betterment of the streamers. So, grab this significant information, motivate yourself and be a part of twitch legend’s league.

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